God of Gamblers Films

God of Gamblers Films  – The title “God of Gambling” is becoming very popular, inseparable from the success of the Mandarin films pioneered by director Wong Jing (Wang Ching), titled God of Gamblers with sympathetic actor Chow Yun-fat. Since its inaugural film was released in 1989, sequel produced sequels, epigons that gave birth to the titles of Angels of Gamblers, Swordsmen of Gambling, Demons of Gambling, Demons of Gambling and so on. The stars will also receive sustenance such as; Andy Lau, Stephen Chow , Alan Tam , Wu Meng-ta (Ng Man-tat), Cheng Kuei-an (Sing Fui-on), and so on. More than 300 films that feature a new genre, action combined gambling.

Whereas in the treasures of Mandarin films, the gambling genre has been pioneered since the 1970s by director Chu Yuan for Shaw Brothers with King of Gamblers films starring top actors of his day such as Patrick Hsieh Hsien, Chen Kuan-tai, Liu Yung, Melvin Wong, and friends.

All the films set in the gambling action were proven to be box-office, selling well in circulation, not only in Hong Kong itself, but also in Indonesia until the most recent, Kung Fu Mahyong (2005), starring Yen Hua (Yuen Wah). Whereas most viewers in Indonesia understand Mahjong (?!) Game

back to the problem of gambling, essentially gambling is a game, recreation for brain fighting, agility, intelligence, mental, spiritual, which is one of the basic human instincts.

If prostitution is called ‘ the oldest profession in the world ‘ then gambling is ‘ the oldest game in the world ‘. So it will not be completely eradicated during the time that there are at least two people on this earth who want to play it!

It is very ironic to see Indonesian police proudly showing on private television news, “A mother who has sold a lottery for Rp. Has been arrested. 1000, – (one thousand silver)! “Or a true story from Aceh,” Has been sentenced to caning with rattan from people who have been caught gambling Rp. 5,000, – (goceng-tun)! ”

Instead of taking care of people who are forced to sell a thousand silver lottery, aren’t there extraordinary missions such as: hunting down the Bali Bombers and masterminds, preventing the closure of houses of worship, or capturing the beheading of female students in Poso (?!)

Yang it’s called gambling wherever it is. Look in the corners of the market, there must be some men who are more busy playing chirp, dominoes, gaple. On the side of the road there is a challenge to play the chess problem, if possible kill the king in three steps. Of course the stakes that range from the highest money of Rp 10,000, – (splash).

Anything can be gambled from traditional games such as cockfighting, sheep fighting, cow racing, to soccer games, even the lightest, guessing contents of mangosteen or car plate numbers that will pass, even or odd.

See all the quizzes and texts that are rife on the private TV. In fact, it is also a hidden gambling with billions of rupiah in turn. Just try to calculate that for one sms costs Rp. 2000, -, participants swelled to reach hundreds of thousands of people, even though the prize is only worth millions of rupiah!

Since childhood, we have been unconsciously trained to gamble through a variety of children’s games, playing mounds, playing pennant (tossing a picture of a puppet up and then seeing the fall on his stomach or supine), playing monopoly, fighting crickets, snakes-ladders, dice, cards, and so. We always face a choice between a or b.

Gambling is not a Chinese or European monopoly, look at Maha Bharata, the great story from India. Thousands of years ago, Raja Yudhistira alias Prabu Samiaji aka Dharmaputra or Dharmawangsa, was known as the most honest and wise king, but was fond of gambling since he was a child. The King of Indraprasta or Amartapura was challenged to gamble by his cousin brothers, Kurawa from Astinapura. At first Yudhistira won until the Kurawa proposed his champion, Uncle Sengkuni. With incredible cunning Sengkuni played dice and won victory after victory. Yudhistira even put the kingdom, his four brothers (Bima, Arjuna, and the Nakula-Sadewa twins), even his own wife, Drupadi, at stake! Total defeat until they were all enslaved Kurawa!

The story above reveals the ugliness of gambling with moral impetus, do not gamble until you forget the land, obey all the lusts, otherwise the king as great as Yudhistira would rudin become trash!

So, it’s okay to gamble, but know the limits, know yourself, know where to stop. I personally do not forbid gambling, ever entered casinos, including Las Vegas, and played perfunctory just a few dollars, because understandably I am not a professional gambler and it is impossible to find wealth through cards or jackpots, just for fun …