Macau Must Come To This Place To Play Casino

Macau Must Come To This Place To Play Casino – You must know what casino is not? Yes, casino is a place where you can test your luck to see how much luck you have at the roulette table. Well, but these are some of the kinds of caisno places in Macau that you can try to visit occasionally.

In addition, you can also look for various kinds of entertainment later that can keep you entertained at this casino venue, of course. For those of you who are curious about what casinos are in the chaos and recommended for you, it’s good you try to read the article below to add to your reference later. C’mon, pay attention!

Casino Lisboa

Yes, this Casino is one of the casinos located in Macau of course. In addition, this casino is also estimated to have a fairly wide area of ​​approximately 15,300 square meters. In addition, this Lisboa casino has also been established and opened around 2003 ago. Still not too old indeed the age of this building, of course, but guaranteed interesting for you to visit.

In this place it is estimated that there are various kinds of facilities in it such as there are about 1,000 slot machines that you can play and streaming video poker and also have around 26 roulette table games if you count them.

This place also certainly has hotel rooms estimated at as many as 1,000 rooms in number, so for those of you who want to stay no need to bother anymore. Inside there are also about 7 bars in it as well as various restaurants to entertain you eat. Then, here you can also watch the theater which there are about 600 seats in.


This place is no less good and luxurious than the previous place, which is MGM. This place also has a wide area of ​​about 20,600 square meters. Casino in this place includes two levels that were opened earlier in 2007. Yes, this building is certainly still quite fairly new for sure.

Well, besides that this casino also has a central plaza that is now used as the heart of a hotel that has a unique and old style. This casino also surrounds the area around the Praca Grade. In this place there are many facilities waiting for you to play, including 835 game machines that you can play, and there are approximately 400 tables available for online poker .

In this place in addition to these various facilities there are also restaurants that are ready to entertain you food. Retsoran in it is estimated that there are approximately 12 restaurants. in addition, for those of you who want to watch theater performances, then here are provided around the audience seats of about 1,200 people of course.

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