No Need to Wait, Local Horror Game ‘DreadOut 2’ Will Be Released Soon!

No Need to Wait, Local Horror Game ‘DreadOut 2’ Will Be Released Soon! – Successfully gaining high popularity as one of the most successful indie horror games on the market, DreadOut has developed into a Digital Happiness mainstay franchise that now has a large enough fan base. After getting the expansion of VR games and the adaptation of the film project that made his name more widely known, finally DreadOut has officially announced the second sequel which now turns out to have entered its final development period.

Through a short teaser video that was shared by the developers some time ago, they finally gave the certainty that the game will be released in the first quarter of this year. That means, DreadOut 2 is certain to be released in the period January to next March. The official game page on Steam still hasn’t provided information about the price to be pegged as well as the exact release date. But at least gamers can add this game to their wishlist.

Learning from their experience in developing their first series, this time Digital Happiness has an ambition to perfect DreadOut 2 as a sequel that is far more gripping. One of the biggest changes can be seen in improving the quality of graphics with a solid Unreal Engine 4 base and strengthening its world atmosphere. The focus of the gameplay which emphasizes the action side can also stimulate adrenaline and strengthen the excitement during play, of course without removing the impression of horror that is still the main focus.

So like the information above, DreadOut 2 itself is planned to be released in the first quarter of 2020 (January to March) for the PC platform. To find out more complete information about the game and the required PC specifications, you can visit the official page on Steam.

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