sakujudi.org – Continuing the success of the television series and the two previous films, the Tazza franchise is back in its third installment titled Tazza: One Eyed Jack . But this time with stories and actors who are also new in order to maintain the freshness of the story.

Is Doh Il-chul ( Park Jeong-min ), a bright student who prefers to play poker at an underground casino instead of studying like a normal student. He felt that his talent at the poker table was far more useful than just studying to prepare for the civil service exam.

Still a mystery: this discovery surprised researchers!
His meeting with a woman named Madonna ( Choi Yu-hwa ) in a casino aisle, eventually brings Doh Il-chul into a poker game with the man he saw before bringing Madonna into the car rudely. It turns out he is the same man who destroyed his bicycle Doh Il-chul after being hit by his luxury car.

The fierce game then resulted in defeat for Doh Il-chul and made him lose $ 100,000. Almost died due to being hit due to his inability to pay, Doh Il-chul was then visited by someone who was then ready to bear his debt. He is One Eyed Jack ( Ryo Seung-bum ), the legend at the poker table who is so feared and respected by gamblers across the country.

So, what is the purpose of saving Doh Il-chul? Just to make it part of the “recruitment” team, or is there another purpose behind it all?

What is shown by Tazza: One Eyed Jack actually displays a combination of heist movie, gambling and thriller . Even at a glance we are familiar with the theme it carries, thanks to the same energy as that carried on the Ocean’s trilogy , 21 and also You You See Me .

One Eyed Jack has indeed become a kind of Nick Fury in the poker world in this film. Namely gathering some talented people to then form a special team that aims to rob millions of dollars of bad business people through poker games. But the journey to that final destination and the various intrigues that accompanied it later made this film have the dynamics like a roller coaster that is fun and entertaining.

Also the emergence of other characters such as Young-mi ( Lim Ji-yeon ) and Kkachi ( Lee Kwang-soo ) also gave color to the film which later gained its own position in shaping the rhythm of the film later. Every scene is so organic and has unexpected conclusions.

It’s just that, 2 hours 19 minutes this film is indeed very lacking in terms of developing the background of each character. Except for Doh Il-chul, no other character gets a special portion of his backstory . All displayed in the flashback scene and then divided into 6 stages of the storytelling.

Even so with some other characters such as Madonna, for example, the conclusion of his relationship with Doh Il-chul is not really told. Whether prepared for a potential sequel or not, but if you look at this franchise’s track record that always spends the story in one film, it seems it was deliberately not told.

But all these shortcomings are actually able to be covered with the dynamics of an interesting story and of course a surprising double plot twist . Tazza: One Eyed Jack finally managed to offer a complete package of entertainment ranging from the appearance of captivating actors, story dynamics that are exciting and unpredictable, and of course the presence of various sub genres that make this film more colorful and unique.

Tazza certainly presents a gambling table conflict that is not only fun to follow but also very entertaining.